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Full-stack management in multiple languages—your blockchain deserves the best of the best.

Based in Korea, Malta, Japan, and Canada, we boast a multifaceted environment with experts in every area. All our services can be conducted in multiple languages, with services unparalleled by any other team in Asia. From whitepaper handling, funding, advisory to community management, meetups, design, and translation, we can provide absolutely everything at a quality greatly beyond our competition.

some of our services
Most of our work can be done in multiple languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Our most prominent languages are English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
Be it the whitepaper, roadmap, website, or videos you need translations for, we have crypto-savvy multilinguals doing translations in-house! We can also check if any of your existent localizations and translations are sound.
Listing Assistance
We have experience assisting listing on most major exchanges, as well as medium-sized ones. You can ask for the process and the cost via email.
Funding and Pitches
Funding is key to the success of any ICO project. Our management can point you in the right direction, to those in the industry interested in providing potential funding like cryptofunds, VC’s, and other institutions.
Community Management
Finding a good community manager is one of the hardest parts of a blockchain project. We can help you find a good CM, or help community management ourselves. Either way, with the absolute highest language capacities and people skills, Brellum can help you manage communities at the greatest level.
Full consultation
For anything your team is struggling to find answers for, we can help with our consultation services.
Writing work
We can write articles, leaflets, brochures, medium posts on your behalf. Our writing staff consists of professional writers and crypto enthusiasts always happy to produce work for your project.
From the landing page to beautiful web design to logo designs, we can help you brand your ideas and make it more sellable. Remember, packaging your idea beautifully is a must for any blockchain project.
News coverage
Have local newspapers cover your story consistently. We can seed your project’s ideas out to some of the nation’s most respected news companies.
Conference hosting
Inquire for more detail
The whitepaper, token creation, mainnet creation, and technical papers are all possible at Brellum. Discuss with us how you want your chain architecture to work.
Hosting Meetups
There are many ways to do your meetup. We can help you set up one with a good number of audience proportional to your budget. (Right now only supporting Seoul, Korea)

We provide a one-stop solution for whatever problem you are facing during your project’s execution.

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our team
Core Members

The Brellum team comes equipped with extensive blockchain knowledge and expertise in various areas. Our team currently consists of 13 members and is expanding.

Ryan: Founder and CEO
As the CEO, Ryan oversees all executions at Brellum and makes sure that all projects flourish in their respective realms. He has extensive experience at very high levels in many areas. He speaks 5 languages fluently and some more conversationally, as international communication is vital to any blockchain project.
Jitae: Founder and COO
Operations and groundwork are also important. That’s why Jitae always makes sure there’s someone in the Korean headquarters to manage the various operations going on in Brellum. He also attends the numerous meetups and conferences, building and maintaining a great networking force for Brellum.
Heslin: Founder and CBDO
Having worked in various industries, Heslin excels at all levels of B2B & B2C consultation, sourcing and recruiting at various levels, advertising, operations management, social network marketing, and UI/UX product strategy. He is a crucial part of business development here at Brellum.
Darren: Executive Writer
Darren is a prolific writer, and can write incessantly for your project, from articles to twitter blurbs to whitepaper. All works requiring brevity as well as quality is ensured by his presence, along with the other writers in the team.
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For quotes, questions, or inquiries, you can also email us at contact@brellum.net